My cover of the 100 book covers to fight illiteracy
100 artists. 28 countries. 100 classic book covers turned into posters to support the fight against illiteracy.
This is my poster of Wise Children by Angela Carter. Se the rest of the posters here and by them here
When I chose the book Wise Children by Angela Carter, I did not know anything about the book or the author. It was one of the main reasons I chose it. I did not want a story I knew, and had seen dozens of covers of before.

The book is told through the twins Nora and Dora and tells the story of their life and family. The story of all the people and how their lives are connected, is what really stuck in my mind. Therefor I wanted to visual the many relations in the book. I have shown the intrigues and strange family connections with colors and shapes normally associated statistics and facts.

At the bottom is a guide that shows "how to read" the poster.

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