ARG launching the crime-novel "Armored Heart!"TRY AdvertisingCopy: Lars Joachim GrimstadAD: Egil PayMac: Ole Jakob Bøe Skattum
Mac: Thomas Braaten

"Missing person: Harry Hole" was a 360-degree ARG developed in connection with the launch of the latest Jo Nesbø novel "Armored Heart" about the police man Harry Hole. With no real form of commercial marketing, the story had a silent launch and comprised both real and virtual clues and events which drew the users into a vast interactive universe.
Based on the characters from the book, we were permitted to develop our very own detective novel about chief inspector Harry Hole. A lot of the ARG took place on the Internet, however, as the hunt for Harry became all the more intense, other platforms grew in importance - such as video, advertising boards, radio, text messages, cold calls and a number of live stunts. At the very hub of the story was the web site where users could share and discuss any new information 24/7.
Comprising hundreds of different elements and an intricate detective story, greatly influenced by the users during the game, "Missing Person: Harry Hole" became an intense adventure. It also reached what was perhaps the most important target group - all those who were exposed to the book launch via the massive attention in both traditional and social media.
It is difficult in retrospect to reproduce the entire experience, but the campaign
video and links below hopefully provide an insight into the universe on which "Missing: Harry Hole" was based.

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